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Wunderman - Washington DC


MS Inspiration Films

Empowering ordinary people to fight a ruthless disease.

    There are 300,000 people in the United States living with a crippling disease called Multiple Sclerosis. And each one wakes up every day to a world of obstacles, uncertainty, and pain. Our client has developed an extremely effective treatment for MS. But the medication itself can be deadly.
  2. WORK

    Rather than taking the typical approach of featuring smiling actors (usually playing golf or walking on a beach) and focusing on product claims, we took an approach that was completely unprecedented. We set aside the benefits, and embraced the risks. We told real stories, in the words of real people. And rather than selling a drug, we sold a mindset: That in order to triumph over MS, you must fight it with everything you’ve got.

    • Video engagement 78% above industry benchmarks
    • Bounce rates 49% below industry benchmarks
    • 9.6:1 overall ROI
    • 20+ creative awards, including a Clio and a Cannes Lion

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